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WindowFinder: It’ll Find Windows, But Will It Find Lost Windows?

Published February 22nd, 2007

WindowFinder: Access any window from your menubar!

Window Finder SoftwareOriginally downloaded 4/17/06. What I really want is an app that will find those non-Windows windows… the ones belonging to menu extras or launchers like Quicksilver or install programs. Those are the ones I find hard to find. We’ll see if this does those kinds of windows… If not, I certainly won’t be willing to shell out $10 for a tool that’s just an alternative to Expose.

Update 2/22/07. As it turns out, that’s really all that WindowFinder does… it presents the open windows of all your currently running desktop applications. It has no knowledge of windows belonging to background applications, which is what I really have trouble finding sometimes. If you’re looking for something besides Expose to meet this need, there are a ton of ‘em out there. One that I’m getting fonder of all the time, even though I don’t use it much, is My Favorite Things. Like WindowFinder, it’s a menubar launcher-type application, but it’s infinitely more flexible than WindowFinder. In addition to displaying all the windows of your running apps, My Favorite Thing’s main purpose is to let you easily find the apps you run most often. Like Tag Clouds, it can present the app list with each app at a different size to indicate its frequency of use. More about My Favorite Things when I get around to a review of it. If you’d like something that does this for free, check out Witch .

Version as tested: 1.4.

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