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TrapperKeeper: Menubar-Based Notes App Debuts

Published February 22nd, 2007
TrapperKeeper: Trap your thoughts. Keep them here. Trapper Keeper Notes ApplicationOriginally downloaded February 22, 2007. I'm reserving judgment on this software's rather odd name, but clearly the developer is aiming squarely at the notebook-type or sticky-notes-type Personal Information Management (PIM) application that a lot of people are trying to get right nowadays. It appears from the website that TrapperKeeper floats down from on high like Spotlight, except in addition to a search field, you also get a sort-of "notepad" that you can type stuff into. (I wonder how long the note paper goes before you run out... ?) Certainly worth a look-see... at $18 it's not high-priced, but not a bargain either.

Version as tested: 1.0.1.

Update 9/6/12. This software is no longer in development or supported.

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