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QueueMemo: Stickies Attached To Applications

Published December 24th, 2006

QueueMemo is simple memo software

QueueMemo Sticky Note FreewareOriginally downloaded 12/7/06. This is a really cool and useful feature. For quite some time, I was using shareware called Sticky Notes that did this same trick (plus many others), but the application-sticky trick was buggy, and the developer stopped enhancing the product. QueueMemo displaying HTML source in WriteRoom Basically, what QueueMemo does is let you create sticky notes that appear whenever you activate a particular application. Doesn’t that sound useful? QueueMemo puts a persistent extra in your menubar, which lets you see all memos if you want… it also displays a menu item for the memo(s) attached to your currently active app.

This is an early release, so hopefully the developer will add a few more tools to enhance data entry a bit, but at the moment you can basically do whatever you can in a sticky note… plus, if you want to enter HTML, you can do that, and QueueMemo will render the HTML for you. That’s a really nice feature, too… As far as I know, this is the first such application to support HTML directly. However, I’d like to see some HTML editing functionality added. At the moment, I couldn’t access application services when writing my QueueMemo, so I couldn’t use Tag Service, which is a shortcut HTML tagging service I like. I’m going to use QueueMemo for a while more and then come back with a recommendation.

QueueMemo displaying formatted HTML source in WriteRoom

Update 12/24/06. This is one very interesting piece of software. I’ve written to the Edgies developer suggesting he think about incorporating some of QueueMemo’s functionality into Edgies, but until that happens, I’ll definitely be keeping QueueMemo on my desktop. Here’s a brief summary of the pros and cons I’ve noted.



  • Terrific idea. The essential feature of QueueMemo is that you can attach its sticky notes to particular applications, and then they only appear when you’re working in those apps.
  • QueueMemo also supports native HTML code, so you can copy or enter HTML source in a sticky if you like. Now the author just needs to add a few simple HTML formatting tools, and he’ll really have a unique product!
  • A really cool use of QueueMemo is to use it for HTML preview in apps that don’t support that. If I’m working in WriteRoom on some HTML source, for example, I can just drag the source to a new QueueMemo, which will display it as formatted HTML through its WebKit integration!
  • The latest update to the software adds support for app services, so you can now create new QueueMemos by selecting some text and launching it via the services menu.
  • QueueMemo’s stickies don’t remember their positions from session to session. It’s annoying having to reposition them all the time.
  • I’d prefer to be able to “roll up” each QueueMemo to just a small titlebar to save space.
  • Be prepared to struggle a bit with the English explanations of QueueMemo on the developer’s website. :-)

Version as tested: 1.1.

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