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Dragster: Drag/Drop File Transfer Docklet

Published December 12th, 2006

Dragster: The Fastest Way To Transfer Files

Dragster File Transfer UtilityOriginally downloaded 11/7/06. Here’s a new software release from Ambrosia… Dragster is a Docklet designed to facilitate transferring files wherever you need to, using FTP, the local file system, email, etc. It apparently also provides a contextual menu with the same options if you don’t want to drag and drop onto the Docklet. Sounds pretty cool, but the price is pretty steep, too: $20.

Update 12/12/06. No, this isn’t for me. I don’t use the dock that much as it is, and I couldn’t seem to get Dragster’s contextual menu working reliably. Besides, it turns out that YummyFTP (andTransmit, too, I think) can do a trick just as nifty and more convenient for me: I just define an “AutoRoute” for each FTP site in Yummy’s preferences, and then I can sticky YummyFTP on my Finder toolbar. Now, whenever I want to transfer a file, I can just drag it onto the Yummy icon in any Finder window. As long as I have a local folder structure mirrors what I’ve defined in AutoRoute, YummyFTP will put the file in the right folder on the remote server. This is just too cool! You can do the same thing using YummyFTP’s dock icon if you find the Dock more convenient a target for your mouse.

Here’s a short list of the pros and cons I noted about Dragster in my short testing period. (I would have tested more often, but one of the problems is that Dragster was such a pain to get going and to keep running.)



  • Each time Dragster starts, I have to authenticate twice
  • Running Dragster as background app disables dock icon
  • I didn’t see contextual menu after setting up a shortcut. I made sure Dragster was running, and I restarted the Finder.
  • Dragster’s dock icon disappears by default when you close Dragster. You have to take the step of keeping the icon in the Dock. This should be an option Dragster offers when it’s configuring itself.

Version as tested: 1.0.

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