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Classic Menu: Revive the Apple Menu in Mac OS X

Published December 24th, 2006

Classic Menu brings the functionality of Classic Mac OS apple menu back to Mac OS X

Classic Menu softwareOriginally downloaded 5/30/06. This ingenious little file/app launcher really does bring back the best features of the classic Apple menu… and it puts it right where the old one was. The really interesting part is that you can still access the usual Mac OS X apple menu at the same time, but configuring each to activate at slightly different locations within the Apple icon. The bad news is that it’s not free… it’ll cost ya 10 bucks. I figure I’ll take a look to see if it’s something I really need.

Update 12/24/06. This menu app feels so retro it’s almost embarrassing. I was never one of those who mourned the passing of OS 9, and as useful as the Apple menu was in “Classic” Mac OS, there are plenty of ways to achieve the same effect in OS X. If you want a menubar utility that will let you define your own set of content, there are also many other, more useful apps than this. And quite a few of them are free, to boot! Of course, they don’t put the menu right where the old one was, but they’re also a lot easier and more flexible to configure. A simple, free one is XMenu from Devon Technologies. Don’t be deceived when you first launch it… there’s a lot more there than meets the eye. Check out the readme file to learn more. For a really powerful menubar utility, of course, there’s Butler, Peter Maurer’s huge gift to Macdom. And another excellent freebee is the venerable Himmelbar

Version as tested: 2.7.5.

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