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Journler: Highly Rated Freeware Notebook Supports Multimedia Too  

Published November 5th, 2006

Journler is a place for your thoughts and everything they touch

Journler FreewareOriginally downloaded 7/4/06. In the crowded Mac OS X market for personal information management tools, including “notebook” applications, here’s a full-featured entry that’s also free!  Available for Mac OS X 10.4 only, Journler can double as a word processor or blogging tool, and it can export content to your iPod or email.  Unique among such tools, Journler has a built-in audio recorder, and can also capture video from an attached videocamera such as iSight.  Journler can include any media from the iLife suite and even integrates with iWeb.  The website’s description makes so many claims for Journler that I’d be highly skeptical except for the high ratings this software receives from users.  Definitely one to try out.

Update 11/5/06. I’ve written up my notes on Journler, as well as 5 other PIM software apps, in a November 2006 article, “An Ongoing Review of Personal Information Management Tools for Mac OS X: No Perfect Solution (Yet)“. I’m putting Journler in the “reject” pile for now, but it’s one that I’ll be keeping an eye on. I don’t consider the case closed on my choice of DevonThink Pro in this product category.

Version as tested: 2.0.2.

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