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Cast Life: A Stylish “Easy Podcast” Maker

Published November 17th, 2006

Cast Life Makes Cast Publishing Easy

Cast Life Podcasting SoftwareOriginally downloaded 6/25/06. This looks like the sort of thing Apple would make if they were making a standalone podcast maker. At $10 it’s pretty cheap, but then again, a lot of Mac users already have a good free podcast tool in the latest GarageBand’s “podcast studio.” It’s also clear that the developer is using iWeb to make the Cast Life website! (Aren’t reflections great?)

Update 11/17/06. CastLife is the least expensive option (after freeware) for preparing podcasts on Mac OS X, and it’s a beautiful little $10 app. Despite its rough edges, CastLife is easy and fun to use. For the full scoop on podcasting tools for Mac OS X as of November 2006, check out my latest article, “Ten Ways To Make a Podcast, Plus One.”

Version as tested: 1.4.

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