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Tom Yager in MacWorld: An Apple for the enterprise?

Published September 24th, 2006
Macworld: Opinion: An Apple for the enterprise? Tom Yager steps out of his comfy InfoWorld role to offer this risky editorial in MacWorld. Of course, I completely agree with him... but the guy has gotten scorched lately with his support for the Mac platform. Scorched from both sides... Linux and Windows. I really hope some people pay attention this time... he's one of the few mainstream IT guys who gets it. Breaking through the wall of fear, suspicion, and loathing regarding Apple in enterprise IT is certainly proving tougher than I'd realized. Yager tackles many of the myths that PC guys simply don't want to see dispelled, including some I've been tackling in this blog:
  1. Macs are so expensive
  2. A PC is a PC; who cares who makes it?
  3. It's a proprietary platform
  4. Why invest in OSX when Vista is going to wipe it off the map?
  5. I can't manage a network of mixed platforms
  6. OS X Server is unproven in critical, high-availability, and large-scale deployments. It's an enterprise wannabe
  7. Apple controls the availability of systems, parts, upgrades, and service
  8. Apple's got a smoke-and-mirrors hack that makes Macs run Windows
  9. Apple's product line is tiny. All other Intel OEMs focus on choice.

Tom, thank you for tackling these myths so publicly. It's time more people in positions of IT influence did the same.

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