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Slashdot: Apple Accused of “Upsampling” Low-Res Videos for iTunes

Published September 30th, 2006
Slashdot | Apple iTunes Upsampling Higher Resolution Videos? Amazing how quickly these trolls are willing toi suspend disbelief and buy the "evil Apple" story du jour. Apparently, this phony story started on Digg, as many of them do. Engadget picked it up, and then Slashdot. All without anybody bothering to verify whether Apple was indeed the culprit in the case. Turns out Apple relies on the video providers---as it should---to deliver videos for the iTunes store. Can you imagine if it were otherwise? Why would any movie company rely on Apple to provide the video that's delivered to consumers? Come on, what a piece of crap this is. Should Apple care, or set some standards? Well, it depends on how bad the "upsampling" actually is. Does the video look decent on an iPod or TV? Whatever, it's still less than the DVD, and much more convenient besides. Also legal. With iTunes videos, you're paying for convenience. If you don't like the quality, don't buy any more. But just remember... this is a brand new service. I recall buying a CD of the Layla LP when CD's were new... it was horrible. Obviously made from inferior tapes. Yet it was not a bootleg... it was an official release. I'm sure Apple's service will improve with time... and so will the quality of the videos Apple sells through that service.
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