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HyperScope Uses Dojo But Leaves Out Mac Users

Published September 7th, 2006
Ajaxian » HyperScope: From the past to the future In another stunning example of bad web 2.0 programming, Brad Neuberg has used the fully cross-platform, highly rated Dojo Ajax toolkit to build a hypertext viewing system that only works in IE and Firefox.  Nope, it doesn't work in Opera 9 or Safari/WebKit... both of which are fully supported by Dojo.  Why would anyone do such a thing in 2006, unless they really think there's only one operating system that people use (Windows) and two browsers (IE and Mozilla/Firefox) worth using?  There's no indication that this is a temporary state of affairs for Hyperscope, either.  In his Design Rationale page, Neuberg says his only other alternative to Dojo was a Firefox plugin (not counting server-side approaches).  That would have really narrowed his audience.  Perhaps the problem relates to Hyperscope's use of OPML, although I'd be surprised if there weren't workarounds available, since both WebKit and Opera support XML and XPath.
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