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BlogAssist: Menubar Help in Formatting HTML

Published August 1st, 2006

Dejal BlogAssist: System menu item to format text on the clipboard to help blog entry

BlogAssist HTML SoftwareOriginally downloaded 12/9/05 (version 1.1.2). Could be another useful way of grabbing content for blogging purposes.

Update 12/10/05 No… It’s actually for HTML-coding various entities (text, url’s, images, email, etc… not for interacting with your blog per se). Not what I am looking for at the moment. Besides, I’d want an HTML formatter to respond to keyboard shortcuts rather than having to use a pull-down menu.

Update 8/1/06 Downloaded new version of BlogAssist released 7/17/06 (version 2.0). Definite improvements… better icon, for one thing. Also, you now have a window to drag or paste text into, and it provides a preview of both the source and display HTML. But you know what? It doesn’t help me, for two reasons:

  1. First, I still can’t set up keyboard shortcuts for common tasks. The TagText service I started using recently is nice because it lets me quickly type a shorthand code and then use one shortcut to translate any HTML shorthand code into full markup. Even if I were to use MenuMaster or some other menu-shortcut utility, I’d have to define separate shortcuts for each HTML action. Probably not worth it.
  2. Second, the menubar actions don’t even work inside this HTML <textarea> tag I’m working in. It’s quite common for me to be trying to format HTML right in WordPress’s post forms, so whatever I use has to work there. The only way to use BlogAssist here is to drag the text over to the floating window, apply the HTML formatting with the pull-down menu, and the drag the coded text back here. No thanks, folks, I can simply type HTML faster than that!

FYI, BlogAssist is shareware at $9.95 per license.

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