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MacDailyNews Doesn’t Mourn Bill Gates (Neither Do I)

Published June 16th, 2006
MacDailyNews | Requiem for Bill Gates MacDailyNews reports on a typical news article about Bill Gates' "stepping down" from Microsoft, this one by Jeff Jarvis in the Guardian. It's a great mix of the reported news and astute observation... for example, that Jarvis, who lauds Gates as the "best businessman ever born", has a son whose website proclaims he is a huge Mac addict, not the Gates worshipper his Dad claims. And I'm glad to see MDN take Jarvis down for that "best businessman" crap... Gates was ruthless and very, very lucky. Business skills had little to do with it. Rather, it was luck, lying, and cheating. If lying and cheating are considered essential business skills these days, then we're teaching our kids the wrong lessons here, folks.
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