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At PC Magazine, Writing About the Mac With PC Blinders On

Published May 3rd, 2006

MacDailyNews reports on yet another bull-headed article that appears in PC Magazine spreading anti-Mac propaganda to anyone who will listen. The equally bull-headed MacDailyNews reporter proceeds to begin tearing the author to little bits, as he had already done with a PC Mag story by the same author a few days earlier.

Sure enough, PC Mag’s Michael Miller has written what I’m sure he believes is a reasonable comparison of the state of things with Mac OS X versus Windows. What he doesn’t realize is that he’s full of B***hit, ensnared in a system he thinks he understands but is really merely apologizing for. In doing so, he adheres to old Mac myths that he’ll probably believe till he steps over that final cliff.

Miller tries once again to make the case that Macs are more expensive than PC’s and that they don’t have enough software. If I weren’t so irritated by this, I’d simply yawn. In one case, he writes of visiting the Dell store and buying an E1505 notebook for only about $1,300, while the entry-level MacBook Pro with roughly the same specs is $1,999.

I have no idea how he got to that price, because I just visited, and without loading the Dell up with enough software to even come close to what the Mac offers, and taking advantage of a time-limited $200-off coupon, that E1505 cost me $1700. That’s still less than the MacBook, but then it’s heavier, larger, has less software, has no webcam, has very little useful software, and only runs Windows XP media center (no TV tuner, folks). (See this PDF file to review my bill.)

To refute this guy’s argument point by point would take more time than I’ve got, but I do intend to write an article about the Mac software market soon and will invite him to read it. Mac software is so far ahead of Windows it’s not even funny. Ever heard of “quality, not quantity?” Mr. Miller? PC’s definitely have quantity, I’ll give them that if they really want it. But we’ve got the quality market all sewn up!

And, as I’ll report, there’s way too much great Mac software these days if you’re actually trying to follow the market and catch all the cool developments. Perhaps if Mr. Miller spent a few days on his Mac trying out all the new releases that come out for Mac OS X on MacUpdate and VersionTracker, as well as the Dashboard Widget market, he’d get a new perspective on that part of his argument.

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