Notes for SnapzPro X

SnapzProX is easy to use with an interface very familiar to the many Mac users who use it for screenshots. It's convenient to be able to make movies with a tool I'm already familiar with.

However, trying these others makes me aware of a couple of SnapzPro annoyances. First, when you launch SnapzPro, you can no longer launch any other app until you finish or close it. Screenography--and all the others here--let you run other apps and then come back to the state you left them. Second, it's useless to be able to reduce the movie by set percentages if I always want to be able to make movies of a given pixel width. That's because, to modify the movie to that pixel width, I have to open it in QuickTime Pro anyway to resize it. Better to just shoot 100% to begin with.

Also, SnapzPro takes a very long time to save the results of its video capture, unlike some others... especially iShowU, which opens the movie instantly in QT Pro.

Specific test notes: