Notes for ScreenMimic

With ScreenMimic, you can choose either QT or Flash or both when it's time to save your results. Choosing a window or selection is a little confusing. I had trouble capturing a window... ScreenMimic captured the whole screen. Part of the problem with selection is that, unlike SnapzPro and others, ScreenMimic isn't active when it's not "in front."

There are some basic, easy to understand and use customization options for quality, both for Flash and QT files. Like DisplayEater, ScreenMimic lets you preview results before closing the job... if you're not happy, you can encode again with different settings.

ScreenMimic has no way of changing the size of the final movie... that is, you can't reduce it by some percentage. It also doesn't generate a player control for the Flash movies.

As an option, ScreenMimic can create a nice visual cue for mouse clicks when you choose to have the cursor visible

The .swf files don't play in the Flash player, but they do in Opera.

Quality is excellent, but files need further processing before they can be published to the web.

The process of saving files is somewhat time consuming, much longer than others. Took 1:08 for Flash file and about 40 seconds for QT.

Note: Finder reports that the first QT file is 2.2GB, but QT reports that it's 19.5mb. It's a little odd how the process of saving works. I'm not sure the tool expects you to save the same file in multiple resolutions. Once I told ScreenMimic I was finished, it wiped out the earlier preview versions, leaving me with just the last version.

Exporting the QT file in QT Pro yielded a file that's 140kb. (15fps, h264) Very good quality.

Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to export or othrwise reduce/optimize the Flash file... didn't work in VisualHub, Flash MX, and Video2SWF won't work with Flash as an input.

ScreenMimic's limited output options for QuickTime make it very snappy in converting files, but also means you'd never use this for top-quality movies.