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Originally downloaded April 8, 2007. This sounds like a lot of fun! I wonder if I can make interesting white noise with it, too... I need that occasionally when traveling to drown out the ambient noise from down the hall... :-) But seriously, I'm curious to see what kind of "music" you can make with fLOW. The same developer has an older piece of software that similarly allows you to experiment with sound: REplay PLAYer (he likes to play with letter case, too) apparently lets you take an existing piece of music and break it into bits, then reconstruct it in limitless ways. Just don't try it with a Beatles recording. :-)

Version as tested: 3.4.

Update 8/20/12. On Snow Leopard, I wasn't able to get fLOW to work. I'm closing out the record on this one. By and large, the software from fLOW's author looks very cool, but also requires MIDI setup and preferably a large amount of time and expertise to use wisely. Some of the software is freeware, but fLOW and REplay are shareware requiring a license.

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