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Geeks Gotta Love It! A Free Hex Editor... and Much More

Reviewed Oct 10, 2007Home Page

Originally downloaded March 28, 2007. OK, so it hasn't got much of an icon, and it's appeal is admittedly quite limited. But if you are brave enough and curious enough to use this freeware to peek inside your files outside of their native application, I suspect PeekIt will prove a worthy draw.

Update 10/11/07. I actually made this decision a few months ago, but I'm running behind in posting stuff. Peekit is a great tool for taking a look inside binary files, especially those that aren't mach-o executables. It's relatively easy to extract or modify text in such files. I used this to figure out how to modify FastOrSlow's icon to be white instead of black for Crystal Clear. Horrible icon, but hey, not everyone's an artist. It's just that usually they aren't Mac users. :-)

Version as tested: 2.5.4.

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