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rooVid: Makes Publishing QuickTime Movies Even Easier!

Published August 18th, 2012
rooVid - One video. Many destinations. rooVid Lite Freeware QuickTime Movie ProcessorOriginally downloaded April 12, 2007. rooVid is now almost a year old, but hey, the web is a big place, and I'd never seen it before! It looks like a freeware app that could really save me some keystrokes, though, when working with QuickTime movies. I do a lot of QuickTime exporting to try to get the best combination of small size and good quality, and rooVid lets you store, reuse, and queue numerous export profiles for any given video. Not only that, among the "goodies" listed on the website is this tantalizing note: "Easily format your video for the web." That could be just marketing-speak, or it could be a value add. rooVid also includes Growl support, which is cool. The developer plans a shareware version later, but promises rooVid will always have a "lite" version, too.

Version as tested: 1.0.3.

Update 8/18/12. This project's home page now states that development of rooBid has been terminated.

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