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Coda: New Web Development App Mimics xCode/Dashcode

Published August 14th, 2012
Panic - Coda - One-Window Web Development for Mac OS X Coda Web Development SoftwareOriginally downloaded April 24, 2007. Would you like an application specifically designed for building websites, with an interface that draws direct from Apple's much-admired Xcode and Dashcode tools? It looks like you just got your wish, from Mac developer Panic (Transmit, for example). Code is brand new, and its website is worth a visit even if you're not a web developer. If they developed this site in Coda, I'm signing up now! Cutting edge Ajax, cool graphics and javascript effects work seamlessly to pull the website together in any easy-and-fun-to-navigate package. Coda is supposed to cover site management (including built-in FTP), text editing, preview functionality, CSS support, and integration with the command line. Quite a bit more sophisticated approach than iWeb, to be sure! It retails for $89, but if you're a Transmit 3.0 licenseholder, it's yours for $69 now.

Version as tested: 1.0.

Update 8/14/12.

Coda is no longer a new application... in fact, it's now up to version 2.0 and going strong. Even though I don't use Coda myself (I use Espresso for web code editing), highly recommend it for web development. It's full of great features, and with the long list of plugins it can do just about any coding task — from HTML and JavaScript to PHP and Ruby. It has integrated preview and even built-in reference material in the form of its own hypertexted eBooks. Coda also handles CSS editing quite well... though I prefer Espresso for this. Coda has the advantage over Espresso in terms of developer mindshare and third-party support, though the latter has quite a range of plugins as well. You can't go wrong with either of these, and I can fully see why Coda is so popular. Great Mac software! My only criticisms of Coda are its complexity and its price. Now at $99 a pop, its license seems a bit high to me.

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