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Forrester Believes Apple Will Win in Homes

Published May 23rd, 2008
Apple will rule the living room by 2013, Forrester says Computerworld reported this today, and does it surprise you to learn that the first comment on the article was by an anti-Apple ignoramus?
I do not smoke, but it's obvious that you people do. Please send me a kilo of your best. Apple is a small time player with very limited scope, appeal, and resources. There is an obvious reason for that: the buying public does not feel compelled to support them just to "be different".
To which I replied:
You may not smoke, but clearly you have your heard buried in the sand. Your irrational anti-Apple attitude is clearly a product of wishful thinking. My only guess is that you own Microsoft stock, which has been flat for years, while Apple stock has skyrocketed. You tihink $190 a share is high for Apple? Just wait a few more years. It's still not too late to face reality and start to cheer, rather than jeer, the company that's put the fun and excitement back into personal computing, as well as home entertainment.
The depth and intensity of the anti-Apple pod-People continues to remind me of the Fascists' attitude toward Jews. These guys think Apple fans are religious, but in reality, they're the ones whose brains are dominated by a cult-like hatred. Kinda scary, but then they're typically cowards who wouldn't make such arguments in person.
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