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Mac market share breaks 8% in 2007

Published January 7th, 2008

Mac market share breaks 8% mark in 2007’s final days

Despite the fact that Computerworld still seems to think it has to give voice to the irrational, fearful Microsoft junkies who write anti-Apple stories, this article has news worth noting… and I happened to see it first in Computerworld. But make no mistake… as the Mac’s market share rises, Microsoft’s monopoly protection league will be out in force to try to talk down anything Apple does. Too bad, because there are some things that are legitimately worth criticizing Apple for, but they have nothing to do with how Mac OS X compares with Windows or about how Apple’s computers compare with Dell’s. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish constructive criticism from purely destructive criticism, and Mac fans may feel obliged to keep quiet rather than add to the purely anti-Apple din out there.

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