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iGTD: New Personal Organizer Freeware with Quicksilver Integration

Published April 5th, 2007
iGTD: Getting Things Done with iGTD iGTD FreewareOriginally downloaded April 4, 2007. How many GTD software titles can the Mac world absorb? How many can I manage to review in 6 months or less? I noticed iGTD's debut last month, but hoped it was one I could safely ignore. However, new versions of iGTD have popped up every day or two, so clearly the developer is going at it hard and persistently. From the numerous MacUpdate reviews, it appears users like what they're seeing... so I'm adding iGTD to my personal queue for an evaluation, along with the other dozen or so I've already got waiting. *whew!* I do hope the GTD rush is over for now. :-)

Version as tested: 1.3.2.

Update 9/5/12. iGTD has been folded into the software Things, and is no longer in development. Obsolete.

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