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BurnAgain DVD: Multisession CD and DVD Burning Made Simple

Published April 18th, 2007

BurnAgain DVD: Multisession Burning Reinvented

BurnAgain CD/DVD SoftwareOriginally downloaded 7/29/06. I don’t personally burn that many CD’s, but I’m curious to see how well this would work. Certainly, my kids are always taking my blank CD’s and never reusing them. If they had a way to do so easily, maybe they would. You think?

Update 4/21/07. How time passes… So much software, so little time! I never had a chance to try the original product, BurnAgain, which only worked with CDs. Earlier this year, the company replaced it with BurnAgain DVD, which, as you can guess, extends the functioning to DVDs. I really must try it soon… before it morphs into BurnAgain BluRay or some such. :-)

Version as tested: 1.1.

Update 8/17/12. Software is no longer available. Obsolete.

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