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ZeusDraw: New Mac Vector Drawing/Painting Tool Debuts

Published March 24th, 2007
ZeusDraw | Macintosh Vector Drawing and Painting ZeusDraw Vector Art SoftwareOriginally downloaded March 24, 2007. I have to say I'm very impressed simply by the number and quality of the QuickTime demos of ZeusDraw on this company's website. Chromaticbytes has two products now, ZeusDraw and Shades, which is a cool ColorPicker that I believe is included in ZeusDraw. This looks like a very easy to learn vector drawing/painting tool with powerful tools for managing drawn objects "live." Among the coolest features is ZeusDraw's live gradiant editor, but its ability to edit paths and brushes is also the best I've seen. At $90, ZeusDraw requires a bit of a commitment, but you can download a 30-day unrestricted demo to try it out. I hope the product is half as good as the demo videos lead one to believe!

Version as tested: 1.1.

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