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MPEG2 Works: Video Conversion and DVD Tools Get New Swiss Army Knife

Published March 14th, 2007
MPEG2 Works - DVD,SVCD,VCD Creation and Authoring MPEG2 Works Video Conversion SoftwareOriginally downloaded March 14, 2007. MPEG2 Works version 4 was just released in late January, and apparently it adds a slew of useful features to an already popular conversion product. It also more than doubles the product's price, but you can still get version 3 for only $10. All the attention and accolades among professional Mac writers these days seems to go to VisualHub, which is a truly great product. I'm curious to see what overlap there is between MPEG2 Works 4 and VisualHub, which is about the same price ($25). Certainly, Mac users aren't having any trouble finding terrific, inexpensive, and easy to use video conversion products these days... making the market leader Toast look very expensive indeed.

Version as tested: 4.1.3.

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