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FotoMagico: Slideshows for Joes and Pros

Published March 11th, 2007
FotoMagico: Your audience will never fall asleep again FotoMagico SlideShow SoftwareOriginally downloaded March 11, 2007. In all this time, I don't think I've ever actually demoed FotoMagico. I'm not sure why, although I continue to be put off by the price ($49 for the regular version, and $129 for the Pro version) and by the overall packaging of the product. Despite the glitzy, Aperture-style website, FotoMagico has a very amateurish icon, which I know doesn't mean anything... right? Never judge a book by its cover, or something like that. In any case, I've now tried quite a few slideshow applications, some of which I've found to be amazingly terrific for a lot less money than this. It's time to add this Boinx product to the list.

Version as tested: 2.0.

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