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skEdit: A Powerful, Cocoa-Rich Programmers Editor

Published February 22nd, 2007
skEdit: Simple, Flexible, Powerful Text Editor for Mac OS X skEdit Programmer's Text EditorOriginally downloaded February 22, 2007. Hmmmm... I ran across skEdit today in a forum the topic of which was Smultron, which is my current default text editor for HTML, PHP, and JavaScript. I'm still looking around, because Smultron, as wonderful as it is, really bogs down in performance after you've got more than 5 or 6 files tabbed up. I just tried Taco HTML today, and it's another cool, free Cocoa editor, but is missing too many pieces of the puzzle for me. skEdit isn't free (it's $25), but it looks pretty cool and may leave out a lot of the complexity that so far has turned me off to TextMate and Eclipse.

Version as tested: 3.6.1.

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