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SiteCleaner: Website Maintenance Utility Weeds Out Accumulated Junk

Published February 24th, 2007
SiteCleaner - website cleaner SiteCleaner Website Maintenance ToolOriginally downloaded February 24, 2007. For $10, I would buy a tool like this if it actually works. Problem is, modern websites are so complex, I'm dubious of products that claim to do what this one does... namely, drop a folder containing the site and all of its contents into its little jaws, let it munch on the thing for awhile, and watch it spit out a shiny clean version with nothing but files that are actually in use. The main benefit is a savings in server storage, but it also enhances general maintenance because you don't worry about files that aren't used anymore. I'll give it a try and see how it likes the taste of one of my sites. :-)

Version as tested: 1.0.5.

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