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NoteTaker: Crowded PIM Field Gets Sophisticated, Expensive New Entrant

Published February 7th, 2007

NoteTaker: Use it every day for everything that’s on your mind

NoteTaker Notebook-Style PIM AppOriginally downloaded February 7, 2007. The spec sheet for NoteTaker reads like the one from Circus Ponies Notebook. The metaphor is similar too, though at $70, the price tag is a bit higher than the $50 Notebook. Aquaminds, which makes NoteTaker, also sells a high-priced solution for notebook sharing and collaboration, called, appropriately enough, NoteShare, as well as a free Notebook viewer. Since NoteShare strikes me as way overkill for family or personal use, I’m ignoring it for now. (For a much simpler, less expensive solution to rich-note sharing, I’d try out iXiu first, I think. It’s not as wonderful as NoteShare, I’m sure, but it accomplishes much the same thing.) In any case, NoteTaker definitely needs to go on my list of queued-up PIM apps for review.

Version as tested: 1.9.15.

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