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Magrathea: Don’t Just Map Your Trip… Photo-Map It!

Published February 22nd, 2007
Magrathea - Manage and Present Media on a Map Magrathea Freeware for Mapping Your MediaOriginally downloaded February 22, 2007. Here's a new idea for you... Magrathea fetches high-res map images from Yahoo and lets you stick little pins everywhere to represent particular places you visited. You can presumably draw on the map, too, and each pin represents a media file that becomes part of the show. I love this description of one of Magrathea's functions:
Present a virtual tour of your vacation photos using the Flyby Slideshow feature.
All of this comes for free, too, thanks to yet another good-natured Mac OS X Cocoa programmer. I've gotta try it out!

Version as tested: 0.3.

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