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iTheater: An Open Source Media Center App for Mac OS X

Published February 3rd, 2007
iTheater: Mac Media Center iTheater Media Center AppOriginally downloaded February 3, 2007. This is, I believe, the second such project that's started up in the last year or so. Giving Apple's Front Row some for-free competition, iTheater is setting its sights pretty high, with a vision of an interface and framework for more than just music and video playback. Already the app incorporates a weather service, but it also handles widgets and would clearly like to move toward web services of various kinds. Even if it's rough around the edges, it's great to see a project like this taking shape. I'm anxious to download this new version to see what they've come up with.

Version as tested: 0.1.3.

Update 9/11/12. This software is no longer in development.

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