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Zirrus: An Online To-Do List App With Clear Clouds

Published January 8th, 2007
Zirrus: A To Do List for The Rest of Us Zirrus (that's, folks) is an amazing new Web 2.0 application that adds an innovation to to-do lists that I hope catches on. Certainly, I think it may make a difference for me. The idea behind Zirrus is to let users see their lists as a "cloud", where the priority you set is reflected in the size of the tasks. It also lets you automatically or interactively move tasks to a "Now" category, and it incorporates actual tags to help with categorizing your tasks. Of course, you can set due dates as well. The Ajax-based interface is a breeze to use, but if you need help, the 3-minute screencast is a good intro. I'm still amazed, and will be back to try my free account in real time to see if the amazement translates into actual improvement in getting things done.
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