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Sounds4Fun: An OS9 Relic Returns Sounds to OS X

Published January 26th, 2007
Sounds4Fun Sounds4Fun System Sound ExtensionOriginally downloaded January 26, 2007. I've previously admitted I'm a sucker for cool sound effects tied to application and system events on my Mac. I currently use the wonderful, free (but not being maintained) MooSB preference pane for this, and before that I'd used Unsanity's Xounds. Too bad Sounds4Fun isn't free, but I em:would like my computer to yawn when it goes to sleep. :-) The developer had built a similar OS9 utility about 10 years ago and has finally found time to update it for OS X. Like MooSB and Xounds, Sounds4Fun operates as a System Preference pane.

Version as tested: 1.0.1.

Update 9/16/12. This software is no longer available or in development.

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