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Songbird: Cool New Web-Savvy Media Player Taking Flight

Published January 2nd, 2007
Songbird Media Player: Play Music, Play The Web Songbird Open Source Web-Media PlayerOriginally downloaded 1/2/07. I just finished watching the excellent screencast for Songbird, and I have to admit, I'm excited about this little birdie. Songbird goes beyond iTunes by basically building the media player on top of its built-in web browser (which uses the Gecko engine from Mozilla). You can see playlists built on web pages you browse, if they have media files linked to them, and Songbird plays the files as if they were already on your hard drive. On top of that, Songbird has a search engine optimized for music searches, and you can of course easily subscribe to podcasts you encounter while browsing. Songbird also does video files similar to the way Democracy handles them. To top it off, Songbird has a plug-in architecture that supports skins (Songbird calls them "feathers"), as well as extensions a la Firefox. Oh, and when I first ran Songbird, it found my iTunes library and offered to import it! I don't think I'm ready to start using it as a replacement for iTunes yet, though... one of the big questions about such a move, of course, would be how well (if at all) it can sync with my iPod. :-) In any case, this open source project, still in its infancy, looks very promising indeed!

Version as tested: 0.2.1.

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