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Linden Labs Releases Second Life Client As Open Source

Published January 8th, 2007
Second Life | Open Source: Overview and FAQs Second Life iconIt's terrific to see this development... I haven't tried Second Life myself yet, but of course I'm tickled pink that the developers of that hugely popular system are Mac users. It's just another piece of evidence for why the Mac is so much more significant to computing in 2007 than its market share might indicate. Now that I've got this page bookmarked, I'm really going to try to find the time to get my own avatar and join the fun! In fact, it's already inspired me to set up an account and download the software. If you're ever in Second Life and see someone called Mars Fitzgerald, it's probably me. :-) I've also printed out the scripting guide and want to read through that... Maybe I can learn to script my hair back onto the top of my head.
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