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ImagePlay: Freeware Interactively Adds Layered Effects

Published January 30th, 2007
ImagePlay - Easy Image Effects ImagePlay Image Effects FreewareOriginally downloaded January 30, 2007. Here's a neat little application that I can't believe is actually free! Not only that, it's open source (RealBasic, but hey... it lets the author make Mac and Windows versions from the same source)! I've been playing around with it for the last few minutes... it's quite addictive! It's in the same class as the CoreImage apps that have been released with the advent of Tiger (ImageTricks, QuickEffect, Chocoflop, LiveQuartz...), but actually the interface and functionality is more immediately useful in some ways. I'll play around with it some more before saying for sure, but this one looks like a no-brainer to have around as a Photoshop supplement. (Among its other virtues, it will even export to Photoshop, has great JPG and PNG export tools, and can build QuickTime movies by layering content and images.)

Version as tested: 0.1.6.

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