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iCaddy: Yet Another Simple Launcher Renews Itself

Published January 26th, 2007
iCaddy: quick. simple. useful. application launching made easy. iCaddy App LauncherOriginally downloaded January 26, 2007. I can't imagine why the Mac world would need another "put all your apps into a menu" launcher. One of these days, I've got to put together a catalog of all the ones we already have to choose from. If iCaddy were free, maybe it would elicit more than a yawn. But at $7.95, why not just get HimmelBar? or Butler? or one of any number of other similar freebies? Oh well, you know me... I've gotta download it to find out!

Version as tested: 2.7.

Update 9/16/12. This software is no longer in development or supported.

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