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Cheetah3D: An All-in-One 3D Modeling and Animation Tool for Mac OS X

Published January 4th, 2007
Cheetah3D - the amazingly powerful 3D modelling, rendering and animation solution for Mac OS X Cheetah3D Modeling/Animation SoftwareOriginally downloaded 1/3/07. I never realized how many choices you've got for 3D modeling and animation on Mac OS X... one of these days, I'm actually going to spend some time with one of these. Actually, what I mean to say is that one of these days I'm going to find a 3D application that's actually easy to use, while powerful enough to do really interesting things. Of course, if it were em:really easy, everyone will be making stupid little 3D animations, won't they? :-) I really loved working with Groboto, which I discovered recently, but of course it's primarily a morphing tool for fantasy-style renderings. Cheetah and some others have more practical uses if you can learn to use them well. Anyway, I look forward to taking Cheetah3D for a spin! At $99, it's pretty reasonably priced in this category.

Version as tested: 3.6.

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