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Time To Learn More About Microformats!

Published December 19th, 2006
Microformats Org News Hmmm... I've been reading about Microformats for awhile now, but not until tonight did I finally "get it." It was an implementation of the hAtom microformat that caught my eye... The site was using it to generate an RSS feed, basically. Rather than posting a separate XML file as in a traditional feed, microformats let you embed tags with your HTML---typically class tags---that convey information about the structure and meaning of the page elements. Does this sound like the semantic web to anyone? Maybe it's a first step in that direction... Also, I'm bookmarking this excellent PDF "cheat sheet" that provides a summary of the tags for many of the main microformats that exist (and there are way too many...!): hCard, hCalendar, hResume, Address, Geolocation, hAtom, hReview, XFN, Rel-Tag, and more.
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