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ThemePark Becomes Freeware, Adds Support for Intel Macs

Published December 1st, 2006
ThemePark - Geekspiff ThemePark's New LogoIf you have any interest in customizing your Mac's look and feel, you've got to get a copy of ThemePark. I felt that way even before today's news, when Geekspiff decided to release the latest update to ThemePark as freeware! Previously, ThemePark was (I think) about $30. It's a great tool if you ever want to get your hands dirty tweaking teeny tiny graphics. The rewards can be great, of course, if you have enough imagination to build your own theme. This is great news for the future of Mac OS X theming! (Now if only Unsanity will make ShapeShifter free... But they also released an update today, and ShapeShifter---which is the software that lets you easily change from one theme to another---is still a licensed product for $20.) Oh... and I almost forgot to mention the cool new icon that comes with ThemePark 3.1... a big improvement, IMHO.
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