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Rage WebDesign: A Complex, Powerful, and Daunting HTML Editor

Published December 7th, 2006

Rage Software: Over 6 Years of Mac HTML Editing

Rage WebDesign HTML EditorOriginally downloaded 1/25/06. Dreamweaver has kind of lost its appeal for me over the last few years, and I’m doing more and more with just a text editor. Which is fine, but… CSS and other things need a visual editor. This is one I should check out…

Update 12/7/06. OK… this is about the third time this year I’ve opened WebDesign to try it out. Each time, I frankly get weary just looking at it. There’s more menus and functions and icons and buttons here than you can (or would want to) shake a stick at! WebDesign has a whole boatload of plugins and extensions that comes with the trial download, too. I’m sure all of this is good news to some people, but I’m looking for simplicity in my HTML editor… not a Dreamweaver-wannabe. For now, I’ll keep using Nvu, the open-source editor from the Mozilla group, because at least it’s got a nice, clean, compact interface. And it’s free. :-)

But I’ll keep looking, because I know there must be something better out there…

Version as tested: 2.8.

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