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GimmeSomeTune: Highly Rated iTunes Freeware Fails To Impress

Published December 4th, 2006

GimmeSomeTune: You will never want to use iTunes without it again

iTunes Add-on FreewareOriginally downloaded 8/1/06. Man, there are so many iTunes assistants out there it boggles the mind! And I’m just talking about the Mac OS X variety… there must be oodles for Windows, too. This one is on version 2.0 and has a slew of preference panes that let you control display of a floating window of info, configure hot keys for controlling iTunes, support iChat, fetch and display cover art, and display lyrics saved in iTunes.

Update 12/4/06. I honestly couldn’t find much that distinguishes GimmeSomeTune over some of the better freeware iTunes controllers, and it had a number of usability problems as well. For a full review of all current iTunes controllers, see my December 2006 article, “An Intimate Evening With Two Dozen iTunes Controllers“.

Version as tested: 2.6.

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