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Dockless: Make Dock Apps Go “Poof!”

Published December 19th, 2006
Dockless removes certain applications from the Dock Dockless Freeware Dock UtilityOriginally downloaded 11/29/06. This cool little Cocoa application does one thing and does it very well: It lets you toggle any application on your system to a state where it doesn't ever show up in the Dock, or back from such a state. Not showing in the Dock also removes the top-level menubar from applications, but Dockless makes it easy to change it back if you need to. There's a simple declaration you can manually enter into a given app's info.plist file which does the same thing, but this is so much easier! Dockless' Applications List Window

Dockless scans your application directory and displays a list of everything it can find. If you store apps in some other directory, you can always add them manually using an "Add" button in Dockless. The interface couldn't be easier to comprehend or to use. Dockless has been around for several years now, but it's one of those utilities that I'm just now discovering. Freeware like this is priceless! Of course, if you wonder why anyone would ever want to remove an application's dock icon and main menu, you don't need Dockless. But if you've been editing info.plist files by hand until now, definitely check Dockless out.

By the way, Dockless in combination with StepMenus still lets the main menu appear... but rather than showing in the top menubar, the main menu is a floating pane you can move wherever you need it.

Version as tested: 1.3.3.

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