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Daily vX: FileMaker-Built Journal Takes Some Getting Used To

Published December 6th, 2006

Daily vX: Professional journal and note taking software

Daily Journal SoftwareOriginally downloaded 6/8/06. I really don’t know how many personal knowledge management apps the Mac OS X customer base can support! But I do know there are way too many to choose from at the moment. See if this doesn’t sound just like Yojimbo… itself a relative newcomer to the market: Take notes, write down ideas, save text and code snippets, save important data like registration keys… Only, this seems to have more than Yojimbo, with features like multimedia support, MS Office compatibility (import/export), integrated voice recording, ical appointment support, to-do lists, and more. At $19, it’s pretty serious competition if it’s any good. The software is at version 1.0, but I’ll give it atry and see! I’m testing Yojimbo now, so this will be very interesting.

Update 12/6/06. Finally found time to dig in to Daily vX, which had upgraded to a newer version since June. If you’re a FrameMaker user or developer, Daily will have a lot of appeal… however, unless your needs for data storage are pretty rigid, you’ll probably find yourself adapting your content to fit Daily rather than the other way around. For a full review of Daily, see the latest entry in my PIM article, “An Ongoing Review of Personal Information Management Tools for Mac OS X: No Perfect Solution (Yet).”

Version as tested: 2.

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