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Clip Show: Upgrade Your QuickTime Player… for Free!

Published December 24th, 2006

Clip Show is a movie player based on Mac OS X’s QuickTime framework

Clip Show QuickTime PlayerOriginally downloaded 12/24/06. Peter Maurer is at it again, having released a beta of his new software Clip Show recently. (The current beta expires January 1, 2007.) Clip Show apparently is an alternative to Apple’s QuickTime player (the free version), adding the following features that Apple’s player lacks:

  • Playlists. Clip Show will let you retain a browsable history of movies and create playlists that will run a series of movies consecutively. It also adds a new feature to Mac OS X which lets you define a “Clip Show” collection by adding a “.movies” extension to any Finder folder.
  • Full Screen Playback. Yes!
  • Rotate Movies Easily. Self explanatory, I think.

This one’s definitely worth trying out, and like Maurer’s other software, it’s free (donationware).

Version as tested: 1.0 b1.

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