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Audio Companion: Audio Recorder Designed for Vinyl Lovers

Published December 16th, 2006

Audio Companion is a sound recorder that will automatically split input into songs

Audio Companion SoftwareOriginally downloaded 12/16/06. How has this intriguing application gone under my radar screen all these years? The first version was released in August 2004, and it’s been upgraded continuously since then. Audio Companion is a simple tool that gets rave reviews for its performance at recording audio from vinyl records and automating the conversion to digital files. With Audio Companion, you can save files to AIFF, MP3, AAC, or any audio format QuickTime can make. It has three specialized tricks that if reliable could be pretty cool. First, it will automatically split a recorded input into separate files—useful for recording many 45s or LPs in a row. Second, it includes a built-in click- and crackle-suppression tool (the company sells it separately as an audio plugin). And finally, Audio Companion has a unique tool that will let you record, say, 78s at 45 rpm speed! Or 45s at 33 rpm. This technology is presumably derived from the developer’s other main product–The Amazing Slow Downer. More about Audio Companion when I’ve had a chance to try it out.

Version as tested: 1.2.4.

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