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ProfCast: Turns Presentations into Podcasts

Published November 17th, 2006

Profcast s the ideal tool for recording and publishing your live Keynote or PowerPoint presentation

Profcast SoftwareOriginally downloaded 7/11/06. Geared to teachers, this $25 tool could be useful to anyone who gives presentations regularly and would like to make them easily available via the web through podcasts. Profcast integrates with GarageBand and iWeb, so turning your presentation into a podcast is supposed to be very simple. The website has a sample podcast that shows what a finished product would look like. Quite impressive demo… I’ll be interested to see if it works as well as it’s advertised!

Update 11/18/06. Some time between July and now, ProfCast’s price went up $5 to $30… presumably along with its feature set. From my testing, I’d say ProfCast is a good choice for podcasters who have presentations to get online, and for those who want to use their podcasting tool to record their talk, which can be published later on. It’s not right for me, though, as I discuss in my recent review of podcasting tools: “Ten Ways To Make a Podcast, Plus One.”

Version as tested: 2.0b3.

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