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One Finger Snap: Most Useful To Single-Button Mice Holdouts

Published November 28th, 2006

One Finger Snap loads the contextual menu with only one button

One Finger Snap SoftwareOriginally downloaded 7/24/06. I seem to have a memory of this from OS 7 or 8, but then my memory’s so bad it’s scary at times. :-) This is a simple preference pane utility that lets you assign the contextual menu to the left-hand (or single) mouse button, launching it by holding the button rather than clicking it. The length of time you hold to activate the menu is configurable, as are several other aspects to the interface. As the Old Jewel website points out, this doesn’t make multi-button mice obsolete at all… rather, it provides an extra button that you can assign to other tasks now. I’ll give my fingers a few days to see if they can get used to launching the contextual menu from the left-hand button before plunking down my $6.85, however.

Update 11/28/06. Nope… couldn’t get used to it. The context menu kept popping up unexpectedly (and unwelcome-dly), no matter how I configured One-Finger Snap. I do expect this would be very useful to users of single-button mice, but I gave that up years ago and could never go back.

Version as tested: 1.3.2.

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