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Life2Go: Turn Your iPod Into A PDA

Published November 12th, 2006

Life2Go: Think your iPod was designed just for music? Think again!

Pod2Go SoftwareOriginally downloaded 5/21/06. This utility (previously called Pod2Go) has been around quite awhile now, but I’ve never actually tried it out. The developer has been continuously improving it, and it’s now got a pretty compelling list of features. I think it’s time to see whether the iPod can really be useful to me for textual information such as weather, directions, movies, stocks, and the like.

Update 11/12/06. As much as I love my iPod, I just don’t find it useful for reading text. It’s nice that you can sync it with news feeds, weather reports, and all the other things Life2Go can do, but in the last few months when Life2Go has been faithfully syncing up that data on my iPod whenever I plug it in, I have never looked at the information except to verify it was actually happening. Until the screen gets bigger, and the iPod can support PDF formatting and images with the text, its “notes” feature will remain an interesting curiosity for me. Given that, I’m certainly not going to part with $13 for Life2Go or any of its competitors.

That said, if you do find iPod notes useful in your daily life (maybe if I commuted to work on the train, I’d feel differently), I can testify that Life2Go does what it claims, and does it reliably.

Version as tested: 1.6.4.

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