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Joomla! Gathers Steam as a Leading Open-Source CMS

Published November 28th, 2006

Joomla! … because open source matters

Zoomla! logoI’ve read about Joomla! before, but I was shocked when I visited the website tonight and discovered how many extensions are now available. Joomla! is an Apache/PHP/MySQL content management system that has hooks in just about every web-publishing field imaginable now: Blogs, e-Commerce, catalogs, web applications, surveys, templates, news feeds, and plain-old content sites. It’s supposed to have a great admin interface, but my registration confirmation link didn’t work tonight… I think they’re having some temporary problem, so I’ll try again another time. But I’m downloading the 1.5 beta build to give it a try. I had assumed I’d be upgrading to zen-cart (from oscommerce) when time comes to rebuild Classic 45’s, but Zoomla! has e-Commerce plug-ins as well and broaders cope than zen-cart.

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